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St. 约翰的房子是独立的, co-educational day school presenting a 13-year sequence of college preparatory training. 非营利机构, it was founded in 1946 to provide the community with a school of exacting standards in the development of individual, 精神上的, 道德, 知识, 社会, 以及身体发育. While the means to achieve that purpose may change, it remains the basic mission of the School.

The School seeks to develop the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and contribution to society. 特别是, it is dedicated to the enhancement and the expansion of future 领导 for Houston and the country. 学校培养优秀人才, 动机, and energetic 学生s a genuine challenge for academic accomplishment and for development of a sense of self-worth and of personal responsibility. The School in turn holds itself responsible for providing that challenge.


最好的教学在圣. 约翰的学校:
  • Presents 学生s authentic challenges in a supportive environment
  • Models life-long learning and successfully guides others in their learning
  • Collaborates with colleagues and contributes constructively to the community
  • Embodies caring for 学生s and furthers its expression
  • 促进冒险和创新
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and enthusiasm for teaching 学生s


圣. 约翰’s community will be known and loved. In accordance with that idea, our 使命宣言, and the Precepts and Principles of the St. 约翰的学校, care is the School’s cardinal virtue, and we sustain a caring and welcoming culture for all.

在十大正规赌平台平台的社区里, 十大正规赌平台平台庆祝, 促进, and appreciate the differences and similarities of our experiences. 对十大正规赌平台平台来说, community means respecting differences in ability, 年龄, 种族, 性别认同, 比赛, 宗教信仰, 性取向, 社会经济地位, 和思想. Our community is dynamic and ever changing.

Respecting these differences is not enough, 虽然, and we ensure an environment in which everyone can feel comfortable, 听到, ,包括. We value inclusion because it makes us all stronger as a community. A 多样性 of worldviews challenges us to consider other points of view and is essential to a full education and the development of well-rounded future leaders. 促进这些价值观, we will ensure cultural intelligence and proficiency for all members of our community. We:
  • 融入文化能力, 多样性, 全球意识, and inclusivity into all facets of the K-12 curricula and co-curricular activities.
  • 为董事会创造机会, 教师, 工作人员, 学生, and parent development and community education initiatives in these areas.
  • Ensure broad representation among 学生s, 教师, 工作人员, and administrators through recruitment and retention of candidates from underrepresented groups.
  • Challenge ourselves to continually reevaluate curricula, 政策, and practices to ensure that we continue to grow and welcome all voices.
St. 约翰’s only fulfills its mission when all community members feel included, 安全, and empowered to fully participate in all aspects of community life.






St的职业. 约翰的

St. 约翰的学校 seeks to attract qualified individuals of diverse backgrounds to its 教师, 工作人员, 学生群体. 因此, the School does not discriminate in admissions, educational programs or employment against any individual on the basis of sex, 比赛, color, 国家或民族出身, 残疾或残疾, 宗教, 年龄, 性取向, or any other category protected by federal, 州或地方法律.

St. 约翰的学校 is compliant with all laws and regulations that protect those eligible to work in the United States.

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